The South Gippsland Shire Council (SGSC) is moving fast to rip the tracks out.
You need to take out an injunction to halt that – or do whatever it takes to halt proceedings until SGSC undertakes an updated community consultation process.
There has been no community consultation about the benefits of one venture over the other and the ‘three foxes’ in charge of the henhouse (aka the Administrators) won’t allow it.
For what it may be worth they are hell-bent on getting the first stage of the Great Southern Rail Trail (GSRT) extension done (Korumburra to Turner Street, Leongatha) – never mind the gap to the existing end of the GSRT – which was estimated to cost another $3m+ (includes the bridge over Roughead Street).
Note they are citing the provision of a safe link between the two towns as the main reason for pressing ahead with the GSRT extension.
Your proposal will do that in a more user-friendly way for those that do not ride a bike or a horse.
I am sure you would get much higher visitation between the towns with your steam trains.
There would also be many of the bike riding fraternity – especially those coming from Melbourne – who might like to do the steam train ride as the first leg of their GSRT ride.
I ran a horse trail riding business for many years, so have a natural inclination to support the GSRT extensions.
I can count too – and have no trouble seeing which is the more beneficial proposal for the ratepayers of SGS – it’s a ‘no brainer’.
John McCombe, Leongatha.