I am extremely disappointed with the shire’s decision to walk away from the Stony Creek Exhibition and Equestrian Centre.
It shows a huge lack in understanding of the communities’ need for such a facility in our rainy shire.
You only need to see how many varied activities are held at Lardner Park each year to understand how such an asset would benefit our shire economically.
The two previous feasibility studies had already shown this to be true as well as the “our say” survey, which proved there was huge support for this Centre and its location in the middle of the shire. Federal Member Russell Broadbent was in favour of this project being built and I believe that there are grants available to help with the cost, that the shire hasn’t taken into account.
I urge the administrators to reconsider their decision and get the exhibition and equestrian centre built at Stony Creek.
Wendy Whelan, Toora.