The hybrid version of the Toyota RAV4 model, Wonthaggi Toyota have all eight models of Toyota Hybrids in their showroom. Op084219

WONTHAGGI Toyota had their whole range of hybrid electric cars out for a test drive and information session on Wednesday, September 9.
The weather conditions were favourable for those who came down to find out more about the range of eight different models with hybrid technology.
The system allows the cars to automatically switch between electric or fuel power, and can combine them both at once.
The cars boast better fuel efficiency, a
quieter engine and lower emissions than a regular car, and they don’t even need to be plugged in to charge.
The event was organised to increase awareness of the features and new technology that can be found in their range of hybrid models, including the Prius, RAV4, Camry and Corolla lines.
Although Toyota has had hybrid technology for over 20 years, it has advanced significantly over that time. Now the battery takes up no space in the car as it sits underneath it, and you can get over 1000km out of one tank.