The shire is planning to build our new Hub on the Victoria Street Park site.
We need a Hub in the town but not on this site.
This land (site of the old kindergarten building) was set aside in the town plan as park land.
In 1887 when the town was gazetted, the land was for open public space. This is government land, not Shire land.
This land can be further developed for public use with the addition of facilities such as a gazebo, seating, walking tracks, children’s playground, etc.
This would make it a very attractive place to visit and relax next to the business centre.
The building of the kindergarten on the site should never have been allowed, as it denied the use of the land by the public.
Now that the kindergarten building is gone, there is the chance to recover the land for its original purpose.
Park land should never be taken for building development.
Once lost, gone forever.
We need a Hub but not at the expense of losing our only public park in the town centre.
Concerned long-time citizens, Doug and Dorothy Boston, Korumburra.