I would like to congratulate Neil Daly of Corinella on his letter published on Tuesday, October 15, on page 20 of the South Gippsland Sentinel-Times, whereby he brings to the attention of the general public that a “miracle” occurred at Grantville.
The conversation is about the “community input” regarding the development of a static library in Grantville to replace the Mobile Library Truck.
The fact West Gippsland Libraries CEO Leanne Williams stated (after the community input occurred), that everyone thinks a smaller room and resources cut by 75 per cent is a “wonderful idea” is the “miracle”. (‘New Waterline library could expand, if there’s demand’, South Gippsland Sentinel-Times, Tuesday, October 8).
It was not the case by a long shot.
All the input, ideas, energy from community members passionately advocating for library services to meet the needs of the scattered Waterline towns and hinterland are valuable. To disregard them is shameful and humiliating and it’s not on.
I spoke in opposition as did many others.
We put forward alternative ideas.
The idea of a smaller library with less resources is ridiculous.
To be asked to ensure the smaller library replacement is used or “you won’t get a bigger one in the future” is setting our community up to fail.
Linda Nicholls, Coronet Bay.