By Michael Giles

LAST week we said “we told you so”… referring to VicTrack’s inability to meet the Council and the community’s expectations around providing either freehold title or a long lease to part of their railway land for the development of the Korumburra Community Hub.
Goodness knows, there’s plenty of vacant land around the railway station and tracks.
But if it means that passenger trains might one day return to Korumburra, even if it is in a few decades, it’s probably fair enough.
So, initially, like many people, we were unsure of the old kindergarten site as the next-best choice, knowing the access difficulties up the hill in Little Commercial Street and the relatively small site, reportedly expensive to build on.
But, on balance, it seems a reasonable choice, especially from the point of view that Council can continue the momentum towards developing the new community hub, in line with its priority projects policy.
And we have a right now to expect that they will get on with it in record time with clear title on their own land, beside a big carpark in the middle of town.
The development of a new community hub, including library and other services, also clears the ground for the proposed supermarket project which the shire will also have to address as well.
It is also reasonable for the community to get a statement from Michael’s IGA, too, about their intentions as well. To their credit, Michael’s IGA have been huge supporters of the community but given council’s efforts to clear the way to a possible development by them of a new supermarket, it’s appropriate that they would now state their intentions.