I note with interest that the Victorian Labor Government’s alleged intention in appointing Administrators to the South Gippsland Shire Council was to restore both good governance and the highest standard of integrity to Shire operations and to ensure that Shire ratepayers receive the level of service they deserve.
Given that the record of the appointing Government in the areas of both governance and integrity has been anything but exemplary, one hopes that the appointed Administrators are able to step out of the shadow of their overlords and perform to the level of excellence demanded by the role.
It was interesting therefore, to note that in his Administrator’s Message in South Gippsland Sentinel-Times of October 15, Administrator Zahra, in talks with community groups in Mirboo North, stressed that the role and objective of the Administrators, was to ‘partner with local communities and achieve more together by doing this’.
In acknowledging the great work of and displaying enthusiasm for, the leadership of local groups on projects in Mirboo North and Korumburra, which have hitherto had a long history but little action, Mr Zahra claimed that the Administrators had stepped up and were ‘getting on’ with these projects, much to the delight of the communities involved.
Sadly, however, this appears to be anything but the case in respect of the recent decision by the Administrators in relation to the proposal to establish an equestrian/exhibition centre at Stony Creek.
If one is to believe the numerous newspaper articles and results of earlier consultancies and surveys relating to this project, the same level of enthusiasm and credibility doesn’t seem to have been afforded this most worthy and warranted undertaking.
Rather than simply dismissing this proposal out of hand, why couldn’t the door have been left open for further development of the idea, with Shire administrative staff, working alongside members of the South Gippsland Equestrian Exhibition Centre (SGEEC) team, to find ways of overcoming the sticking points deemed as factors contributing to the project’s purported lack of viability.
I do hope that the SGEEC team can find the energy to lodge an appeal and continue the fight for this important Shire project.
David Vance, Inverloch.