We have been party to the approach to our Ward Councillors to consider a footpath in Powlett Street, Inverloch, to overcome the issues associated with walking over rough and uneven surfaces of the street’s nature strips that can cause you to lose your footing and that are not conducive to prams and young children’s cycles.
You can, of course, take to the bike lane but this has obvious safety issues. Our street is also a well-worn path for visitors from the motel and cabins that intersect the Bass Highway.
We received a response to our request from [the] Bass Coast Asset Officer, Pathways and Drainage, that indicated, amongst other things, that Powlett Street is included in the long-term pathways programme “for consideration”.
Councillors are said to be aware of this request and it was confirmed that Powlett Street is on a priority list and usually one pathway extension/gaps site is delivered per year.
That’s right, “one” per year and Powlett Street scores high but currently is not the highest scoring pathway.
Furthermore, they are not able to advise when the path will be constructed, only that it will be at sometime in the future, as budgets allow.
At the rate of one pathway extension per year (throughout Bass Coast) this could be decades notwithstanding evaluation process for those identified as highly desirable across Bass Coast.
I can appreciate Bass Coast Asset Officer’s informative and frank response and limitations they work within, but residents believe this matter is long overdue.
It is also interesting to note that we had a speed camera vehicle operating on the crest of Powlett Street on October 4 from around 5.40pm for some 130 minutes and considering the criteria understood to be involved with the placement of these vehicles, vis. safety, speed, accident zones, this surely gives rise to residents’ concerns and the need for a singular pathway.
It is not too late to escalate Powlett Street to a level of highest priority within Bass Coast’s upcoming budget and we call on Councillors to bring this matter to the table at this time.
I & P Scroggie, Inverloch.