It seems strange that our Administrators and Council staff were happy to dump the tourist railway idea with nothing more than a cursory meeting which displayed no interest in the project.
It seems this project would result in 20 to 30 full-time jobs which would have added say $2m to the local economy, as well they were anticipating building to 350,000 passengers a year which would have opened up South Gippsland to an immense tourism boost.
Tourism Vic were keen, but our Council seems hell-bent on moving ahead on the rail trail.
The tourist rail people say we can have both the train and trail. They also point out the Council spin on the line issues is really talking about the line from Lang Lang to Cranbourne.
There are also major issues with pollution of the ballast which is to be removed for the rail trail.
We seem to have lost the art of sensible discussions. What happened between December 2016 and now when the return of the train was priority?
Why can’t we see if we can get both and have a win-win?
Lindsay Love, Leongatha.