No footpaths due to it not being raised at ‘budget time’, most Melbourne councils build paths, etc., and then pass cost onto the ratepayers in that particular street (Sentinel-Times, October 22, Brown’s push for more footpaths rejected’). The only paths I have seen being laid are replacing paths that are already there, west of Murray Street and outside the secondary college on White Road, Wonthaggi.
No funds for paths, etc., but let’s borrow $15 million and $4 million from reserves to fund a community centre at Cowes, or four projects for tennis-netball courts and pavilion at a cost of $2.5 million. The last one financed has certainly not been over-used. But don’t put a footpath in a street that has had no guttering, footpaths, etc., for over 100 years.
I believe some councillors have their priorities in the wrong place, a town with a high aging population cannot even get a pedestrian crossing near its medical clinic. I also refer to Les Larke’s letter in the Sentinel-Times on October 22, which seems to highlight we have one councillor for the people, and seems like we have a form of bullying by some other councillors, which hopefully will be eradicated at next year’s elections.
I am all for sporting facilities, but there are also a lot of other necessary things that need fixing.
Lyall Broughton, Wonthaggi.