I attended the presentation at Leongatha’s Dakers Centre by Southern Rail Group (SRG) on November 19.
SRG has plans for a Tourist Train to run from Nyora to Leongatha on the current rail tracks, not only that, they claim they will build the rail trail many want, beside the train line, at their expense and can incorporate the return of commuter train services in the future.
This would seem to be a win/win/win opportunity. The audience of about 75 voted overwhelmingly to ask the South Gippsland Shire Council to suspend action to remove the existing rail tracks.
As well as building the rail trail, providing economic development and 20-30 full-time jobs, SRG has much more valuable information in its website.
I believe the South Gippsland community should be the people to decide what they want and we need do something to get the council to not allow the removal of the train tracks until we decide what is best for us.
As everyone seems to agree, once the tracks are removed that’s the end of it.
Steve Finlay, Leongatha.