BASS Coast Boxing and Fitness is searching for a new home as their Miners Rest location has been bought and is set for redevelopment by Bunnings.
Sustaining growth over the past 12 months, they’ve already been looking for a bigger Wonthaggi location all year, with few options presenting.
Founder Scott Williamson is hopeful to find a Wonthaggi location where the 50 members can continue their development.
“We’re looking for a large facility, ideally a factory with concrete walls and around 200 square metres in size,” said Scott.
“Ideally we’d like to start setting up our new gym over Christmas,” said Scott.
Scott says a suitable location has presented itself in Newhaven, though he would prefer to remain in Wonthaggi.
“It would make it difficult for a lot of our young members if they had to travel to Newhaven.”
But with few commercial developments in town, Scott says it’s hard to find prospective locations.
“There are large empty facilities around town, but it seems like they’re going to waste with their rent set too high,” he said.
For Scott, the eight years at the Miners Rest that started in the Desal day has both taken him and the members of Bass Coast Boxing and Fitness a long way.
“Back then we were a place to train for the Desal workers looking to blow off steam, now we have over 20 kids,” he said.
“Something that hasn’t changed though is that we’re open to anyone and if they want to train like a fighter or become a fighter, we can help them with that,” Scott said.
Scott says with both male and female members the gym is a welcoming environment that is ready for the next step.
“With boxers like Charles [Joma] coming through the club, we hope the town can see how serious we are.”
Following in the footsteps of 20-year-old Golden Glove national champion Charles is Grade 6 Powlett River Primary School captain Uriah Notley.
“I’ve been coming here for a year and it’s been fantastic,” said Uriah.
Uriah has gone from strength to strength, proving highly competitive in his recent exhibition bouts.
“I’d be heart broken if it closed,” he said.
With Scott recently running a successful ‘fight night’ at the Wonthaggi Workmen’s Club, he’s confident the gym won’t close but he is concerned that if forced to relocate out of Wonthaggi it may affect young members.
“Now that we have a full-size competition ring, it would be great to find a big enough facility that it could be left set up in,” said Scott.