The Korumburra Historical Society invited Mr Sword (South Gippsland Shire acting CEO) to provide information on the most talked about issue of this beautiful town (the hub).
Lots of questions were asked.
Getting my thoughts together, that all people of different ages will come together.
Milpara House is too far away, the folks that don’t drive cannot attend. Walking there is a fair hike in bad weather. The advantage of the hub is it’s amongst shops that are walking distance.
The next generation will enjoy natural light in the library to study and read and use computers. There is activities and companionship for everyone.
Some trees will remain. Views of the town visible. Visitors will admire this project surrounded by our lush green hills. Leaving cars at home would cut down on car parking.
A shopping trolley for transporting library books is ideal.
Storage space is being considered. Milpara and the library are used every day.
I’m sure other ventures will pop up. One big complex of friendship would be rewarding.
It’s worth the 12-month wait. Korumburra deserves this venture.
Already other towns are enjoying their activity hubs.
Let us all look forward to this exciting progress.
Jan Morris, Korumburra.