Cindy Hyde-Dawson won the novice Ms Figure at the ICN World Championships, on Sunday, October 27, here with coach Luke Hynes.

SUSTAINABILTY, consistency, structure, support and a plant-based diet are some of the key elements Cindy Hyde-Dawson contributes to her recent Ms Figure novice World Championship first place.
Coached by Luke Hynes of Voyage Fitness in Wonthaggi, Cindy says she was in experienced hands and knew that both her and coach Luke always put her health first.
“Coming into the gym two and a half years ago I was 105kgs.
“Since then it has been hard work, but daily triumphs have taken me this far,” said Cindy.
For Cindy, it was the foresight and consideration of Luke that guided her 47kgs weight-loss journey onto the world stage.
“When I saw Cindy on stage at Melbourne last weekend, I knew that she was amongst the top three.
“When she was announced the winner, I was fist pumping, I was so happy,” said Luke.
Naturally, Luke places a fundamental focus on nutrition both in his own training and for Cindy’s plant-based diet.
“Nutrition is the first thing you have to get right,” said Luke.
“Being plant-based just meant that there is more of a reliance on tofu and other sources of protein.”
Cindy continues to rely on a plant-based diet and has meat when she feels it is needed.
“Basically, the meat is a good source of protein, for me though it makes me feel heavy and sluggish, I feel my best when I get my protein from other sources.”
Cindy’s not afraid to put her own touches on nutrition, Cindy also adjusted the title of the crucial final week before competition.
Debunking the stereotypes of pre-competition diets, Cindy renamed the week prior to competition from ‘Peak week’ as most body builders refer, to the ‘Zenith phase’.
“The ‘Zenith phase’ was about spreading my wings and flying, it wasn’t about zero carbs or cutting out water.
“My overall carbs and water did decrease, but the least amount of water I was drinking prior to competition was two litres,” said Cindy.
Luke has been a personal trainer at Voyage for over eight years and says Cindy’s dedication is what brought on her world-class results.
“Cindy would come in after a night shift, even with just four hours of sleep she would still get her session done,” said Luke.
Cindy trained five to six times a week with most sessions between 45 minutes and one hour.
“Being consistent was the most important thing – with training and my diet,” said Cindy.
“These muscles take a lot of work to build.
“For any ladies out there considering coming in to the gym or trying power lifting or bodybuilding, just start and do what you can,” said Cindy.