CORONET Bay residents are revolting against multi-million-dollar plans to develop a hotel in their “tranquil” community.
The council, as of last Friday, have received 149 objections to the plans for 92 Norsemens Road – which are out on exhibition.
Objections can be made up until a decision’s made, which is “anticipated” to be the Bass Coast Shire Council’s February meeting.
However, a council spokesperson said last week this will “depend on whether any changes are made to the application as a result of community feedback”.
A group of concerned residents from Coronet Bay and Corinella have formed a group called ‘Our Line In The Sand’.
Here’s some of what they have to say about the plans.
“The planning permit application (number 170123) has 16 PDF files attached, each with many pages of information.
“This is too much for an ordinary person to process on their own.
“We found the inconsistency, lack of appropriate planning clarification and survey deficiencies, left an overall uncertainty and lack of faith in the applicant’s presented documents.
“The inconsistencies and what appear to be contradictions within the application are confusing.
“We believe the hotel is two-storey, with a building footprint of 7730sqm, containing 192 rooms, up to 367 car spaces, up to 28 bus parking bays, with catering for 1000 people.
“This will be more than the current population of Coronet Bay. Do you think this is something you would want in your small home town?”
The group says the proposed development
adjoins land zoned as ESO1 (Environmental Significance Overlay 1), which is locally referred to as the ‘birdland’ or ‘bird’s wetland’: a safe, treed lake location for a variety of birds to call home.
“There are inconsistencies within the application, which are not easily confirmed by council or Victoria State Government maps, as to whether or not the development will be built on ESO1 zoned land or on Rural Activity Zone land.
“Irrespective of correct zoning names, our group believes if the development proceeds, the impacts will be significant, negative and irreversible.
“We believe tourism should not come at the expense of people, landscape, environment, amenity services or agricultural values and believe balance of both progressive developments with natural environment preservation is essential for future generations.
The group’s urging every Bass Coast resident to complete an objection form and lodge it with council.
“To ensure you will receive progress updates, you must include your contact details. You can email, post or hand deliver your objections or comments. All opinions are relevant as this affects all who live along this precious Waterline coast.
“Check out our web page or email”