Max made some mates at the Mendooran pub, including Cocko and Adam Bush, who with the pub owners donated $500 to his fundraiser.

AFTER two weeks cycling motorless, Max Homer has arrived in San Remo following a 2000km ride from Brisbane.
Max has also reached his fundraising goal of $15,000 for research into sarcoma and leukemia.
Max was motivated to start the ride and fundraiser following the loss of close mate Brendan North, who passed away following a sarcoma cancer diagnosis in July.
“First couple of days were tough, had to battle up the Great Dividing Range on day two which was nearly a kilometre of uphill riding in one stint which hurt,” Max said.
Max received some on-the-road support with two Gold Coast mates starting the trip with him.
“With two local ladies accompanying me for those first few days it made my life tenfold easier and more comfortable,” Max said.
Max has been fundraising along the road.
“After a couple of schooners and a feed, I chatted to the locals at the Royal Hotel in Mendooran,” said Max.
“The publicans Kiley and Roy decided to donate $500 of their Calcutta fund to the cause which is downright amazing,” said Max.
Publican Roy Smith said Max left a great impression.
“He’s doing everything for the right reasons, we were all impressed by the way he’s dealing with the loss of his mate,” said Roy.
Max also found some friendly support and a night out of the tent in North Star, NSW.
“I meet the local school principal and she offered me a bed and the comforts of being at home,” said Max.
“Lovely people like these have made the trip so much easier!
“These little morale boosters have helped me massively along the way and I’m so thankful of these wonderful humans.”
Max is dealing with fatigue, but he says that whilst pedalling the strain fades away.
“Legs are sore as buggery day to day, they don’t like walking around but once they’re pedalling they seem to fall into a rhythm and I don’t notice them much if I’m honest,” Max said.
“One thing that has become apparent is the arid dryness of the inland of Australia,” he said.
“The small country towns that I can hardly believe are still kicking at the moment due to the drought over the past few years, but they keep battling on which is a real credit to their resilience.”
Max is going to split the funds raised between Sarcoma research and leukaemia research.
Max’s dad Ivan had a bout of leukaemia cancer in 2017.
To donate and learn more about his motivation, visit