AMONGST the hustle and bids of last Friday’s clearing sale at Yancowinna, there was a smooth moving gentleman, though he seemed under the weather there was no escaping the hardy-farmer grin of Dennis Ginn.
With share farmers set to take the reins, Dennis Ginn is looking forward to time with his partner Chris Gicquel as they step back from farming of their picturesque property.
Rising between the hills and cliff from Cape Paterson towards Inverloch it’s easy to see why this property holds such a special place in Dennis’ life.
Yancowinna has been Dennis’ home some 22 years, and though he’s not stepping away from the farm completely, mesothelioma disease means his farming days are done.
“It’s a little sad but exciting time, we have some trips planned within Australia but also look forward to just going down to the beautiful beach,” said Dennis.
Partner Christine says their home without work is already like a holiday.
“When you’re living here, it’s like you’re already on holidays,” said Chris.
“We plan to do some travel, if we can then why not?”
Following Friday’s clearing sale at the property all items were sold, some going above expectations and some bargains falling into willing hands.