Re: ‘Free camping costs caravan park owner’.
Get out the violins as tourist season is starting again and Rachel Brown has already started on Franklin River Reserve’s free camping. She had this closed down before and it was reopened in January 2012.
In 2000 there were 2685 caravan parks across Australia, the other major growth in caravan parks in cabins (then some 21,000) with each new year another 1250 are being installed. Did anyone bother to approach the motel owners to find out what impact it would have on their business?
Due to the constant complaining over the years in 2016/2017 bollards were put in around the picnic area, which means the area for free camping has significantly reduced. Ms Brown said a couple of years ago on Labour Day there were 44 people and Easter there were 60 people staying at Franklin River – this must have been before the bollards went in.
There have only been three people who put a write-up in the local papers complaining about Franklin River Reserve, Ms Brown, David Bligh who happens to be Ms Brown’s father and Nigel Shaw who is Ms Brown’s brother-in-law, so they are all one family.
Nigel and Ms Brown’s sister had a hotel in Yarram and a couple of years back sold it. They are now at the Yarram Holiday Park, this is in central Gippsland where they have 22 free camping areas and four RV friendly towns.
Ms Brown’s obsession with Franklin River Reserve is not healthy, the constant complaints about the number of campers, length of stays, fires, septic water and environmental. I’m sure if I have missed anything she will remind us all. Ms Brown, less obsessing over Franklin River Reserve and use some of that energy running your own business.
I’m not against the Toora Tourist Park but it is not the only business in the town and a fair deal for all is a far better option. Also, write-ups about free loading campers and the constant complaints are certainly not helping your business.
Rachel also states that the locals don’t want the popular camping ground. I live in Toora and have done for the past six years and this is not what I’m hearing, the only ones complaining are Ms Brown and her family.
By the way, what is between the Toora Tourist Park and Franklin River Reserve, oh that’s right a motel.
Shirley McConvill, Toora.