Why should I pay for a rockwall at Inverloch?
As a resident of Phillip Island, the erosion at Inverloch has nothing to do with me.
I can understand taxpayers’ money being spent on the Surf Lifesaving Club but why should my rates or taxes be used to save private houses from inevitable erosion?
Most of the houses at risk are second homes owned by wealthy Melbournites who are more than capable of funding their own erosion protection.
The coastal erosion issue should be viewed in the same way as a private street scheme; those affected should foot the bill.
Phillip Island has been the cash cow of the Bass Coast since the day the shires amalgamated, and it’s tax grabs like this that have led to the rise of the (ill – fated) Phillip Island Stand Alone movement.
You want rockwalls? Sure, but they’re over $5000/metre so get your cheque books ready.
Phyllis McKenzie, Sunset Strip.