It’s good to see that Bass Coast Council has its priorities right.
I note the sign at the end of the 24-hour off-leash area, reminding us that dogs and their owners are banned from walking on the safest beach in Inverloch after 9am, has been re-erected.
Unfortunately, the means of leaving the beach at this point remains in a state of disrepair, months after becoming unusable.
Dog owners who wish to proceed in the direction of Screw Creek must presumably learn to levitate themselves and their pets onto the nearby footpath to avoid a fine.
Still, the sign in question does serve as a constant reminder to us all of the need to be very careful when voting at council elections.
The only reason the health and safety of Inverloch dog owners has been put at risk is because four councillors chose to ignore public opinion, ignore the advice of 40 hard-working community-minded citizens, ignore the council’s own domestic animal committee (DAMAC) and ignore the recommendations of council officers. The unnecessary restrictions on on-leash dogs in the area was nothing less than a spiteful payback to those who dared to question the rights of councillors to ride roughshod over community opinion.
Fortunately, the four councillors in question either failed to stand or were quite rightly voted out of office at the first opportunity.
With elections due next year, rate payers would be wise to ensure that their preferred candidate intends to represent community views at all times, not just when they happen to align with their own.
Keith Finney, Inverloch.