WONTHAGGI Secondary College’s McBride campus will be remembered for its diverse trade wings, unique central location and by teachers that made learning possible.
Last week, the college organised tours so people could visit the campus and say goodbye as students and staff move into the new campus on McKenzie Street.
From under the halls of the tech’s school’s original trade building, Rob Truman remembers the playful footsteps as students ran out to lunch.
“I was an apprentice back in ‘78 and we were restumping the original trade building,” Rob recalled.
Rob was one of many former students who began their trade learning at the campus and one of the thousands that went through the trade building in its 98 years.
“The woodwork area was one of the most impressive parts of the school back then,” he said.
College principal Darren Parker arrived at the school at the closing days of the technical college.
“It is a little difficult to say goodbye, but the college has grown tired and the maintenance and heating cost have grown far too expensive,” Darren said.
Darren is one of the few remaining ‘techies’ and led the closing tours of the college last Wednesday.
“The future of the buildings will be in the hands of the Bass Coast Shire, who will complete community consultation early next year,” Darren said.
“I’d like to see some of the building to be used for the community.
“The biggest issue is that so much of the building maintenance costs outweigh their value,” Darren said.
Writer of the tech school history book, ‘Deserve Success’, Glenn Sullivan gauged Facebook recently to see what members of the ‘Wonthaggi Tech’ group believed would best suit the school into the future.
“The overwhelming response was that they would like to see it used to train apprentices locally,” he said.