WONTHAGGI’S public garden areas are looking fantastic at the moment, as they are across the shire, thanks to the work of the Bass Coast Shire’s outdoor staff.
It’s an area of the shire’s work that regularly gets the most positive feedback.
But they’re not resting on their laurels.
Wonthaggi roundabouts and town centre garden plots are quickly becoming the envy of surrounding areas as they successfully steer away from the practice of using either just annual flowers or grasses.
Jodi Kennedy, General Manager Resilient Communities, was delighted to provide an update.
“We plant a mix of native and exotic small plants and ground covers which complement each other and provide interest all year around,” said Ms Kennedy.
The strategy is as follows:
1. An outer ring about a metre wide of a dwarf Alstroemeria mix.
2. Inside of that, a metre-wide ring of Cerastium tomentosum “Snow In Summer”.
3. A centre strip of Lavandula angustifolia “Munsted” with a metre-wide strip of Brachyscome multifidi “Mauve Delight” and Chrysocephalum apiculatum “Ramosissimum” each side.
4. The centre strip is bordered by Casuarina glauca “Cousin It”.
“The outer edge of Cerastium is also under-planted with white Hyacinths, which provide a great show in spring.
“With great rainfall in Wonthaggi, it is a very low maintenance planting which looks stunning all year,” said Jodi.
And the result certainly has the wow factor.
“There is also an ongoing process of formalising gardens in Watt Street, Graham Street and Murray Street to provide distinct themes, which are pleasing to the majority of residents and visitors.
“Council often receives praise for the appearance of its featured gardens and numerous requests for the names of plants used. And we’re happy to oblige,” she said.
“The Horticulture Team not only focuses on these garden beds, but all high-profile beds across the shire, revealing the passion they have for their field of work. This provides the community and visitors with pleasant visual amenity in an often-hardened landscape environment.”
You do great work garden team!