GIPPSLAND farmers are benefiting from a significant investment at Brown’s Fertilisers in Leongatha that is delivering more accurate blends, more quickly.
General manager Conal Wills said the full-service fertiliser business had rolled out computer-operated blending machines to blend and dispatch products “exceptionally fast and with a far greater accuracy than we’ve ever had”.
“We’ve taken something designed for wholesale, large sites and brought it down to a small site,” Conal said.
The blending machines are continuously measuring and calibrating the product to ensure a consistent blend. Weighing continues right through to loading on the certified weighbridge.
The new machines have all but eliminated the backlog of trucks waiting to load with the delivery time cut from 90 minutes to just 15 minutes in many cases.
“It increases our capacity to service a wider area, to grow our business,” Conal said. “We can load farmers up quicker and have them out the door quicker.”
The team at Brown’s Fertilisers prides themselves on working with customers to understand their on-the-ground requirements and customising fertiliser blends that help farmers meet their goals.
“We only do fertiliser, so we are not distracted by other things,” Conal said.
“One of the key things we do is we take the time to understand what the farmer is trying to achieve. We partner with farmers.”
The company’s qualified agronomists meet with farmers and use soil tests, visual inspections, digital mapping and satellite imagery to determine the most effective fertiliser blends to help farmers meet their goals.
Brown’s Fertilisers sales manager James Ristrom encouraged farmers to leverage the last bit of moisture to get their summer growth.
“There’s a lot of silage being cut now so it’s about replacing the nutrients removed through silage and a bit more to get that growth going into summer,” James said.
“It’s really about maximising at the moment and our agronomists will help farmers to drive that.”