Harry Smith of Tumut and Harry Hogg of Wagga Wagga get close to the action at the Dumbalk Campdraft. Harry H, 11, came fifth in his juniors event on Saturday.

Scott Bandy of Tooma in Sunday’s ‘Open 4 Open’ event. kg255319

Tony Donovan of Western District bursts out of the gate in the ‘Open 4 Open’ event. kg245319

COMPETITORS from across Australia converged on Dumbalk at the weekend for a share in $40,000 prize money up for grabs at the Dumbalk Country Campdraft.
Close to 400 drafters put their skills to the test over four days in front of one of Australia’s top campdraft judges, Queenslander Pete Comiskey. President of the Dumbalk Country Campdraft Club Ian Hengstberger was thrilled with the turnout and talent on display.
“It’s only our second year and it’s been a huge success so far,” Ian said.
Events conclude tonight (Tuesday December 31) with the awarding of a $10,000 cash prize to the first place getter in the Longhorn Open. The top-performing male and female drafter will each receive an impressive authentic longhorn trophy before all attendees are invited to enjoy live music to ring in the new year. Head online now to watch a livestream from the event via the ‘Dumbalk Country Campdraft Club’ Facebook page.