COASTAL erosion has further exposed several large lumps of concrete on the beach at Inverloch and local resident Henry Sedelies reckons it’s an absolute disgrace.
Mr Sedelies who lives on The Esplanade, just opposite the section of beach where the concrete can be found, near the boat ramp, is fed up with looking at what he calls “Inverloch tip”.
And he finds it unacceptable that the Bass Coast Shire Council won’t act.
“I pay nearly $6000 in rates each year, how much rubbish do we have to put up with?” Mr Sedelies said.
He has spoken to council over 10 times in his efforts to get the concrete removed, but he says all the explanation they have given is that it is not a priority of theirs to remove it.
In a response from the shire, they say they don’t know for sure where the concrete came from, but believe it was originally part of a boat ramp that preceded the current one.
But Mr Sedelies thinks it might have been dumped there as much as 50 years ago.
“The concrete is serving a purpose in protecting the foreshore from erosion. If the current trend of erosion in this area continues, there may be a need to extend the existing rock wall to the north, which may require the removal of the concrete,” said Bass Coast Shire Council Resilient Communities General Manager, Jodi Kennedy.
Beyond being an eyesore, Henry says small pieces of the concrete have been breaking off the main sections and washing away with the swell.
“They should break it up and take it away. At the moment it is an absolute mess and it is only getting worse.”