Phillip Island has the worst boat ramps in Australia!
Even now plans have been drawn up [for Rhyll] to repeat what is already there and totally inadequate for the increasing use.
We need a boat ramp that is safe in all weather! Facing to the west in its own inlet, safe from the worst storms that can catch people out. Many boats can be tied up on floating pontoons either side.
Cruise ship tenders can come in and safely disembark passengers to buses to see the island.
We are talking international visitors here! If by some chance there is a mishap with a tender carrying 50 people we have a safe place to get an emergency craft to them and somewhere safe to tow the boat. Placing a helipad on the point, a chopper can be waiting for any emergency while rescue is underway – 20 minutes to Melbourne.
We have huge gas platforms, huge ships, liners, charter vessels and the general public using the bay.
Nowhere can we put a rescue operation into gear when the weather is bad!
Shelters either side for people to get cover from our wild weather. Out of sun or rain, wouldn’t that be a first?
Fish cleaning tables along the rock wall. These rock walls provide shelter for an abundance of sea life from fish, crabs, octopus, prawns, etc., it becomes a feeding ground for many species of fish.
Small ramp on northern side for yacht club dinghies. Safe for kids!
Whether you like it or not, “the world is coming to the island”. It’s time to show some initiative and get decent facilities in place.
On Saturday, November 23, there were over 100 boats using the ramp, massive delays and frayed tempers with huge waits! It is not even the holiday period yet, just a normal weekend.
Recently we had a buster from the south west come in, metre-high waves across the ramp. Impossible to launch or retrieve a boat. Our weather has become so much more violent over the last ten years, changes in conditions happen within minutes with next to no warning.
Roger Hansen, Phillip Island.