I am commenting on the article by the South Gippsland Sentinel-Times (December 3, page 14).
I attended two of the feedback drop-in sessions and was witness to a lot of the feedback regarding setting up a new Library in Grantville and hearing the community’s voice.
I was disappointed to see there was no feedback reported about the wonderful alternatives and additional ideas suggested by community members to form the new Library at virtually a very low cost.
One of these was to park the existing Mobile Library Truck behind the Grantville Transaction Centre to add to the room needed to create a viable, exciting service.
This would ensure the new Library was not a “broom closet” as Len Van der Neut (spokesperson for the Waterline Library Advocacy Group) has said (South Gippsland Sentinel-Times, November 26, page 16).
This would allow room for more books.
As people involved know by now, the number of books and resources will be cut by 75%.
That was not received positively.
The space (without the Mobile bus parked – as suggested by community) will be reduced by a third.
This was not received positively.
Was this why the report by the West Gippsland Regional Library Committee was made “confidential” and only released after the Council meeting?
Thank you, Cr Michael Whelan, for calling this point and commenting in the article referred to initially – it is actually very important.
The process of “alternative services to replace the South Coast Mobile Library” was a sham. The alternative suggestions were not even noted.
Linda Nicholls, Coronet Bay