I am sure you are aware that the short-term appointment Commissioners of the South Gippsland Shire Council are proposing to introduce many new bylaws. I am aware of only a few of these but from what I can see, these proposed bylaws almost in total:
– Are totally inappropriate for our rural area and community
– Seem to seek to impose a concentrated urban style set of rules in a rural area, and
– Would significantly change the nature of life in the area.
I write to request that you at least print every one of the proposed new bylaws in your paper – with no comment at all if that is what you wish.
I think that all that is required is to make SG residents aware of The proposed changes – as the inappropriate nature of the new bylaws should be plain to see if exposed to the public.
The concern is that:
– The Commissioners seem to be completely non-responsive to comments from local residents on issues of importance. I have had personal experience of this and they show little interest in listening to local people and responding to issues.
– The Commissioners are only “seat warmers”. They are here for a short time only and will then leave. They have not been elected by local people and they have no right, as unelected temporary appointees, to seek to make major changes to our bylaws.
That will have a major effect on the way of life of local people.
Thus, can you please print in full each of the proposed new bylaws?
The Commissioners may claim they are all available in some spot on some council website – but you and I know that 98% of people will never look there and they need to be made aware of the proposed changes in the spot they normally look for their local news – the local papers.
If ever there was a time when local papers had a responsibility to the local community on an important local issue, this is it.
I look forward to reading full details in the paper.
Lloyd McKenzie, Foster.
Comment: Happy to oblige, Lloyd. Perhaps the shire administrators can authorise the production of an advertisement presenting and explaining the reason for the new bylaws.