By Michael Giles

IT’S Christmas, you want to be positive.
And the opening of the new MediPharm Labs medicinal cannabis processing plant in Wonthaggi, providing an initial 60 jobs, is huge news for the town and for the area.
It’s a fantastic free kick for Bass Coast, all brought about by the connection and faith that the firm’s CEO Warren Everitt has with and in the area.
It could literally be anything in the years to come, in terms of jobs and investment, with plans to expand elsewhere in the town already in the planning stages.
Wonthaggi is a great place for national and state business to establish, so close to the coast and Melbourne, and we’re likely to see a lot more of it.
But one can’t help but be drawn to the impassioned plea made last week by the Cowes Primary School for the Bass Coast Shire Council to back their dual-court stadium project.
And comments by one councillor asking why parents couldn’t simply take their kids across to the new netball courts at Wonthaggi are just so out of touch.
Here is a community absolutely bursting at the seams with young kids and young families, providing the perfect opportunity to, at last, balance the Island’s demographic, and the shire’s just not up to the mark.
They’ve got what, one basketball court and no swimming pool for all those kids! The councillors should be fired, one by one, out of a cannon.
Bass Coast should be taking advantage of the new low interest ‘Community Infrastructure Loans Scheme’ to put up the $3 million the school needs for the stadium and at least make a start on giving Island families what they desperately need.
The alternative reality, when kids can’t access sports facilities, as is the case on the Island at the moment, does not need to be spelt out in black and white here.