By Michael Giles

IF YOU’VE worked hard this year and contributed strongly to your family, community and sporting club; you deserve a break. Put your feet up and enjoy it. You’ve earned it!
But what we don’t want to see is other people ruining your enjoyment of your time off by either their anti-social behaviour, impatience on the road or disregard for other people, either on the road, at the beach or wherever.
We saw a glimpse of that last Friday night when people celebrating the end of the work year took their festivities too far.
There were fights, anti-social behaviour and some injuries, we are told, and the police were forced to come out and deal with the drunken idiots involved.
This has been an all-too-common occurrence of recent years when principally local tradies, but also others, carry their Friday night knock-off drinks before the Christmas-New Year break that step too far.
Nothing wrong with having a drink with your mates. That’s great.
But if this unsavory, end-of-year disturbance continues, something will have to be done about it.
Christmas is a great time of the year to be getting together with family and friends and in the vast majority of situations, it’s a very positive experience for everyone.
But, the pressure of expectation, and also the rushing around that precedes the festive time, can have unintended consequences and the best message is to “chill out”, either take it easy on the road or don’t sweat the small stuff with friends and family… this too shall pass.
Hear endeth the lesson!
At the Sentinel-Times, we’d just like to wish everyone, especially our readers, contributors and advertising partners, a very Happy Christmas and a Safe and Prosperous New Year. See you in 2020.