Michael Malone taking his tiger moth-like trainer for a run last Sunday. m495219

MICHAEL Malone loves flying and he loves Bass Coast. That’s it.
Which is why he has put so much time and effort into developing a local airstrip to offer joy flights to visitors and others.
He wants them to see what he has seen, along the coast, from Phillip Island to the Prom.
“The support we have had from the community for this has been overwhelming,” he said this week, while running out his latest passion, a Great Lakes’ dual-wing trainer, on a Sunday morning.
It’s a reference to the argy-bargy, in some limited quarters, that his project caused
Built in 1974, we’d call it a tiger moth, but it’s not an old plane at all, it’s a popular aircraft in America where it was used by the air force as a trainer.
“We’re just about ready to open. All we need is for Vicroads to sign-off on the driveway which we expect will happen some time in the New Year.”
Then ‘Bunurong Fields’ will be up, up and away.
Michael will offer the services of Inverloch Joy Flights to visitors and locals wanting to see a different perspective on the coast and he believes there will be quite a demand for it.
“The local tourist operators are very supportive. They see it as something different to offer their visitors.”
And, in time, he’d like to see airborne visitors able to fly in to the coast for the day, use the courtesy car to go into town for coffee, lunch or a walk on the beach; then head off home again.
How could anyone object to that?