Thank you to the many in the community who have warned of the impacts of the South Gippsland Shire Council’s proposed General Local Law 2014 (Amendment 1 of 2019).
If this is passed all will be affected in one way or another as Australia descends further into the land of red tape, bureaucracy and political correctness.
Of interest to many is the right to run a few animals on blocks in residential and rural activity zones.
Has there been an upsurge in problems associated with having stock on these small blocks? And if so, surely we already have enough laws to manage them.
Will farmers be next as militant vegans and others attempt to dictate whether you have a right to farm animals at all?
Many move to the country to have a horse or some sheep near town but it seems you will have to pay for an annual permit for a bureaucrat to decide what animals, how many, or if you can have any stock at all, and be left with a potential fire hazard to slash.
As others have said, these properties would decrease in value as potential purchasers wonder whether they can pursue their plans of having a few animals on their land near town.
Steve Finlay, Leongatha.