A BRAND-new cannabis extraction facility in the heart of Wonthaggi will be officially opened this Friday, December 6, with Premier Daniel Andrews making a special visit to attend the event.
The MediPharm Labs extraction facility, at 2 Cyclone Street, Wonthaggi, is supplied by cultivation partners across Australia.
“We’ve quickly become one of the industry leaders and it’s very exciting times ahead for us. Functioning purely as manufacturing service, we can focus on implementing cutting edge manufacturing methods and streamlining our processes. We’re looking forward to being a part of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry in Australia,” said MediPharm Labs Asia Pacific CEO Warren Everitt.
“In terms of jobs for the area, we believe we would be one of the biggest hirers in South Gippsland right now.”
Mr Everitt said Australia is very much still the gold standard in terms of pharmaceutical manufacturing.
“With the government looking towards new industry as a means to produce jobs. Medicinal Cannabis touches pharmaceuticals, agriculture and manufacturing which is very complimentary to that direction.
“We bring in cultivated product (cannabis flower) from cultivators across Australia. We then mill the product into particles, dry it and then put it into a Co2 extractor which basically takes the milled, dried particles of cannabis and turns it into a resin.
“That resin is then put through a further purification process which then turns into a resin which can end up in multiple downstream medicinal formats.”
Legal medicinal cannabis products can only be accessed via prescription from your treating doctor or specialist, where they believe it may be beneficial for your condition, according to www2.health.vic.gov.au, a website managed and authorised by the Department of Health & Human Services.
The notable guests at the opening event include Adjunct Professor John Skerritt from the Therapeutic Goods Association, Bass MP Jordan Crugnale and Mayor Cr Brett Tessari.
The opening event will kick off at 11.30am and will include a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Mr Everitt will be the master of ceremonies.