LOCAL Newhaven resident, Simon Adams, is not against skateboarding.
As a youngster, he developed his love of surfing by testing his balance on a skateboard and he wants those opportunities for his kids but not here, on Grayden’s Reserve, a passive park that’s already heavily used by the local community and visitors.
“It’s not a big park, especially side to side. If they’re saying there can be no lights within 50 metres from a residence, that cuts the park almost in half,” he said last week.
“I don’t know a local resident who is in favour of it,” he said.
“There’s family barbecues every weekend, work group Christmas parties and get-togethers. Kids play four-square, ride their bikes and skate on the nice little learner ramp that’s there.
“There’s room to run around and play. It’s already one of the shire’s best used parks. Why would you change that?
“And how much will the roundabout on Forrest Avenue take out of the park?
“It’s been a rushed process, not well thought out especially when you consider how busy the main road is.”