If you live in South Gippsland Shire, on land zoned Rural Living, and don’t wish your lifestyle to change from ‘Rural Living’ to ‘Big Block Urban Living’ you must make a submission to the South Gippsland Shire Council regarding their proposed amendments to local laws, and you must do it by January 10.
As Jasmin Burton of Mirboo North so eloquently explained in the December 3 issue of this paper, the proposals, once made law, will have serious impacts on your rights and your ability to keep your property safe from fire.
Once January 10 has passed, there is no chance of influencing the wording of the proposed amendments and you will essentially be in the same category as a house block up town, but without the urban advantages, and a lot more paperwork.
After January 10, if those amendments are passed, the only people enjoying a rural lifestyle will be those living in Farm Zone, some of who are every bit as close to urban areas as are you.
Every ‘rural’ activity will require a permit:
Want to run a couple of sheep/horses/steers to keep the grass down? – Permit.
Want to engage in a small-scale rural activity, involving animals, to generate income? – Permit.
Want to light a small fire to burn off the multitude of fallen branches that came down in winter, so that your block is safe from fires in summer? – Permit. Or you could try to fit it all into the green waste bin (joke) or take many, many trips to the tip.
(And if this amendment takes effect, look out Farm Zone, you’ll be next).
Want a rooster to keep your hens safe from foxes or give you chickens? – Join the Victorian Bird Fanciers Association.
And I could go on…
So, if you value your ‘active rural lifestyle’(to quote our Council), unfettered by unnecessary bureaucracy, make sure you put in a submission.
If you do, there’s some hope of retaining some common sense to the laws, if you don’t the changes will go ahead.
Go to https://oursay.org/southgippsland/locallaw.
Anne Kenny, Korumburra.