Without exception we South Gippslanders have been praised for the past six months by the South Gippsland Shire Council headed by its temporary acting CEO and its three temporary Administrators from outside this region.
We have heard this nonstop as our volunteers, community groups, hardworking local businesses and community are repeatedly hailed as ‘wonderful’ in the press and to the few strategically placed public members the SGSC choose to mix with.
We were taught when young to beware of flatterers armed with false promises while stealing our rights, freedoms and those things we value in our community.
We were also taught to fight for what our community valued and to give back to the that community.
But the only voluntary community group that has worked ceaselessly to give a true voice to the South Gippsland community by holding public consultative meetings in an effort to enable voices to be heard about recent important community issues, if residents care to do so is the South Gippsland Action Group since our non-elected SGSC took office.
The failure to attend and to call open consultative meetings in respect of important issues seems like neglect of duty to me and hardly good governance.
Has there been a simple thank you to SGAG members for their hard work where they all actually live, their research and painful regular endurance of SGSC sham meetings, their letter writing to the press, media, politicians and SGSC, mostly ignored?
So, thank you SGAG members for your positivity, insights and talents that are obviously ignored, silenced and villified in this community by those who should know better and are in denial about what is a fair go in this community. Thank you.
Marie Gerrard-Staton, Korumburra.