As an interested ratepayer, I attended the Council meeting on December 11 to observe the level of concern that Newhaven ratepayers have in regards to the Skate bowl saga.
I observed a hugely choreographed attendance of pro-skate bowl children and adults egged on by the Mayor, and an equally aggrieved group of residents and ratepayers from
Newhaven and San Remo.
There is no doubt that as the funding is in place for the skate bowl, it should be constructed urgently. Any further indecision will only increase the end-cost to ratepayers on top of the grant monies already committed.
The major stumbling block has always been just where to dig the hole. After the contempt shown by Council re initial siting in San Remo, that site was aborted at an estimated cost of $20,000 to ratepayers.
Council officers then targeted
Newhaven, which had been removed from the original list as not fitting the grant criteria, but now is the only site offered by those same Shire officers?
Why is it so difficult for these Shire officers to consult and support the community, and why are they not offering up part of the underutilised and spacious car park at Cape Woolamai shops?
It’s only 2kms away from
Newhaven and ticks every box for the grant funding criteria.
If it is so easy for Council officers to amend the grant paperwork from San Remo to Newhaven, then amending it to the most fitting location in Cape Woolamai should be a no-brainer.
Council’s own surveys show that the greatest supporters of the bowl come from Cape Woolamai, so why have Council been so hellbent of dividing the residents of San Remo and Newhaven?
Future Council elections may indicate the level of ratepayer grief long after the children have lessened their interest the bowl.
Come on Ms Wastie, about time for some common sense and leadership, and I’m sure the Councillors will then make it easy for you. Regional Skate Bowl for Cape Woolamai!
Rob Bishop, San Remo.