In the Woolworths carpark today (Sunday, December 29), at the Whistle end, an elderly lady was parking her car and put her foot on the accelerator instead of the brake and the car went up over the concrete rise and hit a gum tree and the car was tilting on its two left-hand tyres.
I was outside the Railway Museum and saw it happen, and went to assist along with a young chap from Woolworths (he was collecting trolleys).
She had luckily only banged the back of her hand but she was badly shaken.
The lady manager from Woolworths came out, also a woman from the Deli section (on her lunch break, it was about 2pm), and a man from Woolworths Bakery came and he called the tow truck.
The whole of the Woolworths staff there, especially the manager, were so caring to this lady, the manager went in and got the lady’s milk, bread and paper for her and brought it back.
Irene Williams who was with me at the museum took the lady home in her car after the tow truck had come and paperwork signed, etc.
One of the staff got a chair from the museum for the lady to sit on and then took it back to the museum for us.
The manager even got the lady’s phone number to call her tomorrow to get her full grocery order from her, as it was going to be so hot and she did not want her walking in the heat as she would be without a car.
Now that is very caring service.
This woman has no relatives and lives by herself.
This Woolworths manager and her staff should be given a big pat on the back for what they did today, such caring, it overwhelmed me.
Renee Loeckenhoff, Wonthaggi.