The Inverloch Tourism Association (ITA) has successfully worked in collaboration with The Lions Club of Inverloch & District (Lions) and Inverloch Rotary Club (Rotary) in funding and hosting many popular community events.
However, it is the view of the ITA that the Sound Shell design adopted by Lions, to be constructed in The Glade Inverloch, is not “fit for purpose” nor does it adequately consider “sense of place” and hence does not achieve the best outcome for current or future generations.
To date Lions final design has not been released to the community for comment.
Unfortunately, in the absence of proper process and a lack of transparency to the community, Lions have chosen to build the Inverloch Sound Shell based on a design that was initially introduced as a “concept only”.
It is believed that site works are scheduled to commence in late January. Therefore, the ITA respectfully withdraws its support of the Inverloch Sound Shell project under Lions current adopted sound shell design.
The ITA have maintained that as a community-led project, “the ITA would only be party to the Inverloch Sound Shell project under an equitable, transparent decision-making process. With the objective to build a community asset that has legitimate community support, reflects a strong sense of place and is sympathetic with the environment”.
ITA and Rotary have formally raised their concerns to Lions on numerous occasions, as to the industrial nature and lack of “sense of place” of Lions adopted sound shell design, which is believed to be virtually identical to the Traralgon Victory Park sound shell. Designed in the late 1990s it is outdated, with poor acoustic qualities and low aesthetic values.
The ITA and Rotary jointly presented an alternate sound shell design to Lions for consideration that reflects a strong sense of place and is sympathetic with the environment.
The alternate design has been developed via an extensive design process with input from a renowned building designer who has a deep understanding and strong connection with Inverloch, local sculptors, engineers and local musicians. Local audio-visual specialists & independent acoustic engineers also provided input on the alternate design’s acoustic properties.
Gary Taylor, Inverloch Tourism Association.