INSIDE and out, when the West Gippsland Regional Library Corporation’s South Coast Mobile Library sets up in the carpark of the Kilcunda Hall each Thursday, there could not be a better sight in the world.
Against the backdrop of the magnificent ocean vista at Kilcunda, with its sweeping coastline and dramatic white waves, you’re stepping into another world, on the back of a truck, in a fully-functional library.
This is no shipping container with a few books on shelves, no.
By the time the library trailer is expanded, it reveals a highly resourced library administration area with computers, photocopiers, and online connections to the other libraries in the group.
Yes, it has a wide selection of books on site, but you can also peruse the whole West Gippsland Library Corporation’s catalogue for books, magazines and other resources including ebooks, podcasts, movies and more.
You can go online for research including genealogy and even send in and pick up photocopying at very reasonable rates.
And that’s just for starters.
Although there are plans afoot for phasing out the South Coast Mobile Library, it still serves a very worthwhile purpose and is well patronized when it does its weekly circuit through Coronet Bay and San Remo of a Tuesday, San Remo and Corinella on a Wednesday and Kilcunda and Grantville of a Thursday.
The library used to continue on to Foster on a Friday but with Foster now offering a 24-hour service to registered members and Welshpool up and going, locals there are happy with the increased level of service.
The new library in the Grantville Transaction Centre is set to open in the New Year but until the rest of the towns are well served, there’s an on-going need for the mobile library.
But, as always, it’s a case of “use it or lose it” and residents and visitors alike are urged to find out how fantastic the mobile library is.
And if there’s a better place in the world to park a mobile library, we’d like to hear about it.