Are the South Gippsland Administrators stuck in the past?
We have put to the Administrators the concept of using the rail line from Leongatha to Cranbourne and the possibility of creating a 21st century public transport system along the line.
The Council seem stuck in the past and locked into a limited use rail trail. Not much use if you cannot ride a bike.
Already around the world there are various autonomous rapid transit systems deployed. These do not use the heavy rail systems of the past but instead use small light-weight computer-controlled vehicles that respond to the needs of the individual.
The Heathrow system (pictured) runs from Terminal T5 to the parking garage, all computer controlled and dispatched for personal use.
These systems are lighter and can run on steeper grades than old heavy rail and hence passing loops and bridges over roads can be built at a lower cost.
However, the great advantage of our existing line is that it is already in place and has the train system separated from the road traffic. We do not need to consider the rail as for trains as we used to know them.
What we do need is an Administration that is keen to look to the future and make the most of assets we already have.
Pulling up train lines before we have researched the options is vandalism. In the meantime, a tourist steam train and an adjacent rail trail built at a private cost is a better investment for our community.
It’s time for our Administration to push for a public transport system that uses the new technology and the old resources.
Running autonomous vehicles on a fixed rail system is much easier than trying to run driverless cars on the road.
We are increasingly being told that driverless cars are upon us.
Let’s see if we can get small driverless “trains” running from Leongatha to Cranbourne.
We need a new personal rapid transit system for the 21st century – not an old slow train.
Lindsay Love, South Gippsland Action Group secretary.