Some of the army equipment, including these Bushmaster personnel carriers, that was brought in to support the bushfire effort in the High Country and East Gippsland last week. m020220

ALL resources are being brought to bear on the fires in East Gippsland and the High Country with the Army, Navy and Army Reserve joining all the usual emergency services in what is an unprecedented disaster.
Last week these Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles (PMV) were deployed to help with the fight, especially when accessing difficult terrain and unfriendly environments.
Locally produced in Bendigo, the vehicle can rapidly deploy up to 10 Army or Army Reserve personnel in all environments and their blast resistant capabilities provided useful protection.
The units are fully air-conditioned and can fully sustain themselves for a period of up to three days out in the field.
The Bushmaster carries one complete spare wheel and all fitted wheels have run flat tyre inserts and a central tyre inflation system allowing them to continue travelling with punctures.
General characteristics: Weight 12,500 kilograms, length 7.18 metres, width 2.48 metres, height 2.65 metres, up to nine passengers. Range 800 kilometres. Speed 100km/h.
The units can be fitted with machine guns and have innovative mine and improvised explosive device (IED) protection, via its armoured v-shaped hull which protects passengers from landmines and other explosive devices.
Maybe it’s technology the fireys could also benefit from in the future.
The Army Reservists were used digging containment lines and clearing the edges around burnt areas.