Last year my wife and I had $300 worth of gift vouchers and goods stolen from our property.
One of the perpetrators escaped with no penalty, other than being ordered not to get caught again for twelve months. In addition, the offenders were allowed to keep the stolen goods.
Had our thieves committed a minor technical breach of Bass Coast dog restrictions instead of stealing from us, it would have cost them dearly.
Had they, for example, used common sense to practice a puppy’s recall training on the deserted beach immediately adjacent the unusable under-water off-leash area, they would have received a $165 fine.
Had they been walking two on-leash dogs, obeyed the instructions at the entrance of an Inverloch beach to the letter, but had been unaware that they only apply for a few hundred yards, they would have been fined a whopping $330.
Clearly there is a major discrepancy in values when a magistrate rewards offenders for theft, while a local council issues massive fines for minor technical infringements which have no victim.
Heaven help anyone who is one day late in paying their rates, presumably that carries a substantial prison term.
It begs the question who gave a bunch of nitpicking bureaucrats such powers in the first place.
Councillors, fix it, elections are coming up soon!
Keith Finney, Inverloch.