The on-line petition asking the Premier to return democracy to South Gippsland at the normal council elections of October 2020, can be reached via the link If you google “Return democracy to South Gippsland” it should also come up.
Please consider if you can sign and support this petition. And pass the details on. There is no need for us to be deprived of democratic representation and local decision-making, including on expenditure of our own rates, for the additional year until October 2021. It’s just wrong. Dictatorship does not and cannot help us achieve good governance. It just does more damage.
Governments, Administrators (and even newspapers) may try to pretend that they’ll only take notice of the ancient and archaic form of petition, the paper one written in the form of a prayer (See Sentinel Times 31/12/19 pg 9). These days only those with kamikaze tendencies ignore the power of people expressing their views via social media.
Over 1300 locals signed the on-line petition against the ridiculous proposed South Gippsland Local Laws Amendments and they were ditched. Many more will need to sign this new petition, if it is to help pressure the Premier and Parliament of Victoria to reduce the delay in returning democracy to South Gippsland.
And just as a small reminder about democracy to the unnamed author of the “Sentinel-Times comment” also on page 9 of the 31/12 edition…. Part of living in a democratic society means any eligible person is free to stand for election at any level of government. Any eligible voter is then free to vote for, or not vote for, any of those eligible persons. It’s actually quite challenging to stand knowing you could well be rejected. And then all of us need to accept the results of those elections, even if we don’t like the individuals elected.
It’s not your place, particularly in an anonymous editorial, particularly in a supposedly free press, to tell us who should stand. It’s not your place to tell us how to vote. That’s not democracy.
I encourage you all to sign the petition. It will need many signatures to be effective.
Susan Davies, Outtrim.