TRAGEDY hit the holiday town of Inverloch this morning when a four-year-old visitor from Melbourne died after an accident with a fishing knife on the Inverloch Jetty.

According to Acting Sergeant Col Shepherd, Officer in Charge of the South Gippsland Sub-region, the incident occurred shortly after 9am today, Friday, January 3 as two family groups were packing up their fishing gear ready to head back to Melbourne at the end of a holiday away.

Acting Sergeant Shepherd said he was unable to say exactly how the incident occurred but in the hustle and bustle of packing up the fishing gear, the girl has fallen or otherwise come in contact with the fishing knife, sustaining an injury to the chest which ultimately proved fatal.

“Ambulance Victoria paramedics were quickly on the scene but they have been unable to save the little girl’s life,” Act Sgt Shepherd said.

“It’s an absolute tragedy to think that something as simple as a family fishing trip to the jetty could have this sort of unimaginable outcome.”

Act Sgt Shepherd said everyone involved, including police, ambulance officers, SES and other emergency service personnel had been shaken by the incident.

“All emergency services personnel find incidents involving young children extremely difficult and I’ve no doubt people have been shaken by this.

“It’s terrible.

“The kids were just fishing with their families at the jetty and something like this happens.”

Act Sgt Shepherd said there was no suggestion of any wrong-doing but the matter would still be investigated by the Coroner to discover exactly what happened.

He said the deceased girl was in a party of four adults and approximately six children from Melbourne.

The child died about an hour and a half after the incident occurred and the waiting air ambulance helicopter ultimately took off from the foreshore area, beside the jetty and boat ramp, without a patient on board.

A large number of fishermen, boat owners and holidaymakers witnessed the efforts by police, ambulance officers and local SES crews to save the girl’s life and were aware when she passed away.