Isn’t it encouraging that, now the whole country is on fire and people dying, Scomo is now saying he accepts climate change is real?
He still blusters that his policies will live up to 26% emission reductions pledged in Paris agreement?
When will he reveal where the 26% came from? Whenever Coalition folk are asked what plan they have, for whatever, the answer is lost in call that “we must get it right, which means we need comprehensive review, which will report…”.
After all this time, surely there must be something on file already, to support the case for 26%? When can we see it?
Response in 2015 in Paris was that all INDC’s (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions), just a number invented by each country, were inadequate.
On many previous occasions have asked, starting when Greg Hunt was Minister for Environment and our local member, meeting in his office with our climate group. No result then, or other occasions, or correspondence with Greg’s successor and close friend Mr Frydenberg.
Back with Greg, he did confess that, back with original 26 to 28%, these numbers were just copied from INDC for USA, but no indication if these numbers make any sense at all for Australia.
But he did say that our numbers will deliver 50% more emissions reductions than same numbers for USA.
When asked to explain, amongst numbers for tonnes of emissions, degrees warming and more, the one that matters most is % per capita.
Our population will grow by 50% but USA won’t. By 2030 our emissions won’t have grown. So our per capita is 50% better. No point trying to correct this is only 33%!
Let’s not forget, our per capita emissions in 2015 started at 20% more than USA.
Have asked again more recently for report to justify 26%, with local member Russell Broadbent, but no reply.
Can the hard word be put on “Federal Government to actually be [held to] account” for what’s arguably the most important number for which they’re meant to be accountable? If not, where the bloody hell are we?
Bernie McComb, Cowes.