John Mercieca and Carmel Waldron browsed the ‘WILD Sand Sculpting’ exhibition on Monday, December 30.

SANDSTORM Events has a new home this summer, with the much-anticipated ‘WILD’ exhibition now open at the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island, in partnership with Phillip Island Nature Parks.
The exhibition features 37 mesmerising sand sculptures.
The never-before-seen exhibition transports visitors into the ‘WILD’ as they discover more than 60 animals from around the world brought to life in incredible, intricate sand sculptures.
Featuring some of the world’s most majestic creatures, ‘WILD’ will shine a light on many of the earth’s wildlife species that are at risk of disappearing from our planet.
Visitors will be invited to uncover hidden secrets in the sand and solve puzzles to find out how they can help these endangered animals, all the while learning about the importance of sustainability and responsible wildlife tourism along the way.
Comprising of 700 tonnes of sand, the impressive exhibit features 37 intricate sculptures that took a dedicated team from around the world more than 5000 hours to create.
Surrounded by the island’s colony of over 30,000 penguins, join the Sandstorm Events team and look out for elephants, monkeys, whales and more on a sand safari during the day, then why not stay and discover the magic of the Penguin Parade once night falls.
The perfect way to spend a day out, experience everything Phillip Island Nature Parks has to offer.
From family-friendly attractions and activities, to stunning coastal and woodland reserves, there’s something for the whole family to enjoy!
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