AN ADVENTUROUS kangaroo shocked and delighted drivers and visitors to Phillip Island last Thursday as it hopped across the San Remo Bridge between cars.
Following the severe heat on Wednesday, Parks Victoria ranger Phil Hodle said there were many strange animal behaviours, on and off the Island.
“The way the temperature has changed so dramatically has led animals to do some strange things,” Phil said.
“We’ve been seeing a lot more blue tongue lizards ending up being run over, but they’re usually looking for water,” he said.
Phil said that this wasn’t the first time animals have made the voyage across the bridge.
“Usually animals will move during dusk or dawn, so it’s strange that this happened around 8am, but with the heat yesterday, it doesn’t surprise me too much,” Phil said.
“It was probably chased by something. Usually dogs don’t scare kangaroos so it’s likely a snake or a particularly aggressive four-legged animal was responsible,” he said.
Phil encouraged drivers to remain vigilant for all wildlife, particularly during dusk and dawn.