April 5


Getting a flu shot is easy


VICTORIAN pharmacists can now administer approved vaccinations outside of their normal location – through the mobile and outreach services of a hospital, pharmacy or pharmacy depot, increasing access to immunisations for all Victorians.

Appropriately trained pharmacists can also now administer the flu shot to children aged 10 or older.

Pharmacists will also be able to administer the measles-mumps-rubella, meningococcal ACWY and whooping cough-containing vaccines to people aged 15 or older – protecting young people from deadly diseases that, combined with the threat of coronavirus, could overwhelm the state’s hospitals.

Attending a pharmacy or a GP to get a flu shot is a valid reason to leave the house under the chief health officer’s stage three directions, providing social distancing is practiced wherever possible.


April 5


Don’t forget the smoke alarms


YOUR phones and computers might have automatically adjusted to the end of daylight savings earlier this month, but you still need to check your smoke alarms are in working order.

Mindful of the current situation with many people being indoors at home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s never been as important to ensure you have a working smoke alarm.

“We know from experience that we have increased fires when people are indoors at home,” said deputy chief officer Trevor Owen.

Since 1997, firefighters have encouraged Victorians to use daylight savings as a reminder to check their smoke alarms.