While the rocks at Punchbowl near San Remo might look like an ideal place to hook a fish, the sudden surge of large waves that are typical to the beach can make it fatal. Op045319

ANOTHER fisherman has been washed off the rocks at the Punchbowl in San Remo on Monday, December 23, and is yet to be located.
Emergency services were called out to the area at around 11.45am, after a Hampton Park man was swept off the rocks.
Police believe that the 41-year-old was fishing with several others before the incident occurred.
After an unsuccessful search on the day of the incident, Water Police, Air Wing and SES continued to search the area the following day.
On September 15 this year another man, also believed to have been fishing, went missing from the same beach, his body was never recovered.
San Remo SES Unit Controller Michael Kenny was on the scene taking part in the search on Tuesday morning, he said these incidents can be avoided with appropriate precautions.
“What price do you put on your own life?” Michael said.
“If you are going to fish in dangerous spots like the Punchbowl rocks then you need to be wearing a lifejacket and never going out there on your own.”
“In situations like this, it can’t be any more black and white, a new life jacket will cost you less than $200, and it could very easily save your life.”
Michael says they were relatively calm seas on the day of the incident and the man was most likely taken by a freak wave.
The access path from the carpark has clear signage warning beachgoers about the hazards of fishing from the rocks, and the recommended safety precautions.